PC-SE-10 - Triple Twister Station
PC-SE-10 - Triple Twister Station Outdoor Fitness Penang, Malaysia, Perak, Jelutong, Ipoh Supplier, Supply, Supplies, Setup | Arah Bumiraya Sdn Bhd/Olympic Sports & Fitness Sdn Bhd
DIMENSION: 1200 X 1200 X 1000mm
Strengthening lumbar and abdominal muscles,improving the flexibility and agility of spine, hip joints and shaping of figure.
Turning waist to a wider extent may relax lumbar muscles, clear the channels of blood and Qi to stimulate their circulation, and strength loin and invigorate kidney. Applicable to aches in and functional hindrances of waist, weakness, deficiency of kidney, strain of lumbar muscles, fatigue of body, etc.
Stand on the plate with both hands holding the handles tightly, Turn the waist from side to side.
(Warning: Keep the turning of waist under control and do not turn with hands off the handles.)

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